Parents Against Privatization

What is Parents Against Privatization?

Parents Against Privatization is a storytelling project designed to help parents, students, and educators share our success stories about public education. We believe in the value of public education, and we call on our policy makers at the local, state, and federal level to invest deeply in our students and our schools. We HEART Public Schools.  These are our stories.

What is the goal of the Parents Against Privatization project?

CAPE is committed to deep structural changes in the ways that school districts and statewide policy makers fund and administer our schools. The coming decade presents critical challenges related to school funding, educational equity, and the democratic governance of public schools in North Carolina. Though our Parents Against Privatization project, we are building solidarity between families and educators across the state. To gather stories and build relationships we are working directly with organizations like PTAs, student led organizations, the North Carolina Association of Educators, and local chapters of the NAACP. 

Together, we are pushing back against austerity budgets and declining services that undermine the ability of schools and educators to meet the needs of each student. We understand that we must do this work both at the local and statewide level, holding policy makers accountable both within the General Assembly and on School Boards and County Commissions across North Carolina.