What’s Next?

On May 16th more than 25,000 educators and parents from across the state marched together to demand more from our legislators.  CAPE is committed to continuing to organize parents and community groups to build on the momentum from May 16th.

CAPE is Partnering with the May 16 Coalition to:

  • help educators & parents from each region of North Carolina connect with each other
  • provide leadership training and skills workshops to emerging leaders
  • facilitate conversation about strategies to sustain our energy and organizing work

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Donate Now

To learn more about May 16th, please visit

All funds CAPE raises for May 16 follow up organizing will be used to:

  • ORGANIZE parents, educators and students
  • SUSTAIN organizing and advocacy work. May 16 is an important moment, and we need to carry our momentum forward into the summer and fall.

On May 16, CAPE urged legislators to: 


  • Increasing funding for school counselors, social workers, and school nurses.
  • Increasing per-student spending to the national average
  • Fully funding the class size reduction in grades K-5

Respect NC EDUCATORS and State Employees by:

  • Ending all pay for performance / high stakes testing
  • Restoring salary schedules with annual step increases & masters pay
  • Restore a pays scale that values veteran educators
  • Freezing increases in costs to the state health plan
  • Raising pay for all state employees, including educators

Respect NC Parents and Communities by:

  • Expanding Medicaid eligibility
  • Supporting innovative approaches within traditional public schools