Advisory Board

CAPE’s board is composed of a combination of public school parents and educators. This group serves as an advisory board. CAPE is a project of the Southern Vision Alliance.

  • Jessica Benton is an educator currently pursuing a PhD in education, with a focus on researching community schools.
  • Patrice Fletcher is an educator and parent in Durham County.
  • Ann Rebeck (Parent & Organizer with You Can Vote)
  • Raquel Robinson (Educator)
  • Jeff Shu (Educator and Parent) – A 20-year middle school veteran, Jeff spent a summer knocking on doors as a ground-level CAPE community organizer before joining the Executive Board.   A Hokie as an undergrad, he earned a master’s degree in English from UNCG as well as NBCT certification.  In his free time plays honky tonk in a regional band when he’s not chasing after his 19 and 16-year-old daughters or working on his wife’s honey-do list.  He came to teaching to change the world, and fights for social justice in North Carolina public schools.