Community Alliance For Public Education

CAPE envisions democratic, community-based schools that form the backbone of civic life in our communities. We envision a society in which each school is equipped with the human and physical resources needed to foster the educational, social, and emotional growth of each child.

The global pandemic has accelerated the crisis of under-investment in public schools by revealing the extent to which our human and physical infrastructure is tragically over-extended. Disinvestment by the State of North Carolina in our public schools has eroded services for all students, with the most vulnerable students suffering the most, including students of color, students with disabilities, English Language Learners, and poor students. Of course, many of these categories often overlap. The personal commitment of an educator workforce that is primarily women has attempted to bridge these gaps through a narrative of martyrdom and a culture of “doing more with less.” With a deadly virus in active community spread, we can no longer pretend that we can bridge the funding gap with donations or a teacher’s love.